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The fashion of wool knitting design is the inevitable of the times

Editor:嘉兴市华丽毛衫科技开发有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-06-12 

In short, although the style of wool knitted clothing has not changed much, fashion elements can be seen everywhere on its clothing. No matter the easy-to-match wool knitted clothing is casually stumbled on the waist or worn on the shoulder, you can feel the trend of wool knitted fashion. We have to sigh that the fashionized wool knitwear has quietly entered our life and brought a new life to the traditional sweater.  Wool knitted garments are knitted garments mainly made of animal fibers, such as wool, rabbit hair and camel hair. The main characteristics of wool knitted garments are its strong extensibility and good elasticity, so it can cling to the body without hindering human movement. It has good flexibility, comfort and warmth. The comfort of wool knitted products comes from wool fibers The elasticity, breathability and softness of wool knitted fabrics are due to the fact that there is enough relatively non-circulation air between wool fabric fibers. In the past, sweaters were used as inner wear, with the global climate. Warming, the warmth characteristics of sweaters are gradually weakening, coupled with another natural enemy of wool fabrics-the hot sale of thermal underwear also changes the woolen fabric from inside to inside and outside wear, the change from sweater to wear The sweater designer puts forward higher requirements, so the fashion of sweater design has become the inevitable of the times.

In recent years, the fashion of sweater design has become more and more obvious, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. The combination of wool knitwear and woven fabrics is used in the design of woolen fabrics. The use of contrasting and colorful stitches and woven fabrics are organically stitched and divided. The plush fabrics highlight the flashing fabrics, and the smooth fabrics are matched with rough materials. The coexistence of thin and light fabrics has broken the traditional wool knitting design concept, and the design of wool knitting woven fabrics has become more and more mainstream.

Second, the combination of wool knitwear and fur, the use of unique designs such as wearing, embroidering and embroidering on the collar, sleeves, chest, shoulders and pockets of wool fabrics are not expensive in leisure.

3. The color of wool fabric is getting brighter day by day. Wool knitwear used to be mainly black, dark blue, gray, coffee, burgundy, and beige, but now even menswear uses a lot of whitewash colors in Impressionist paintings: orange, orange, light pink green, pink , Pink orange, light purple, ivory white, and gem orchid add a lot of vitality and vitality to wool knitted garments.

4. New high-tech achievements are applied to sweater design. With the more stringent requirements for textile safety in the international market, many companies use their own high-tech products to build their brand image, and the results of environmental protection, hygiene, health and high performance are widely used in wool knitwear. Colored cotton, corn fiber, soybean fiber, shell fiber, etc. are dazzling. At the same time, mercerized, nano, machine washable and other technologies also make it possible to wear wool knitwear. Wool knitting designers are more concerned about their own design style. Pay attention to the application of these high-tech and new-tech achievements, and master a new raw material and a new process repeatedly to grasp the new buying point of the product.

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